About Us

Our Legacy: Over 50 Years in Skincare
From our inception, SKIN By Dermalab has stood for something profound –a deep respect for the complexities of sensitive skin and an unwavering dedication to making skincare both accessible and effective.
Our Origin Story
The story of SKIN By Dermalab began over five decades ago when a team of passionate dermatologists associated with the Mayo Clinic identified a glaring need in the market. They saw countless skincare products, many claiming to be perfect for sensitive skin, but often falling short in delivering genuine relief or adding more complications. Recognizing this gap, they embarked on a journey to craft a line that truly lived up to its promises.
Partnership with Mayo Clinic
Our collaboration with esteemed dermatologists from the Mayo Clinic wasn't just a partnership; it was a melding of philosophies. Drawing from their rich expertise and our commitment to genuine care, we created products that weren't just effective but were also backed By rigorous research and testing. This union ensured that every product was a testament to our shared vision - skincare that is kind, effective, and trustworthy.
Our Philosophy
"Less is More." It's a phrase that encapsulates everything we stand for. In the vast world of skincare, where there are countless ingredients and combinations, we've chosen to embrace simplicity. This isn't just about reducing the number of ingredients but about making sure each ingredient serves a purpose and does so without causing harm.
Sensitive skin deserves clarity, not confusion. And with SKIN By Dermalab, that's precisely what you get: clarity in ingredients, clarity in purpose, and clarity in results.
A Brand Built on Trust
For us, trust isn't just about having loyal customers; it's about building relationships that span generations. We've heard stories of mothers, now grandmothers, who used our products during their youth and have now introduced them to their grandchildren. These multi-generational narratives are a testament to our consistency and the genuine relief our products provide.
As we look to the future, our commitment remains unwavering. We will continue to prioritize the needs of sensitive skin, champion the philosophy of simplicity, and work tirelessly to remain a brand that you and your family can trust for generations to come.