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"My toddler granddaughter was suffering from dry itchy skin on her legs. She then had a terrible reaction to the lanolin that was in the drugstore cream. Her legs became more inflamed. Her pediatrician advised that we try Skin By Dermalab/Moisturize It Skin Cream & we smothered her chubby little legs with it. Within a few days, she was back to her adorable happy self. This is truly the best skin cream for the most sensitive skin. It is also a great value for $15.00." 

-Sari W.


"For over 40 years, my entire family has used the Skin by Dermalab/ Wash It
Superfatted Bar Soap. We are a family with extremely sensitive and sunburn prone skin. This is the best sensitive skin cleanser for head to toe. It is also environmentally friendly too. Bars are much better than plastic bottles for the environment."

-Melinda E.

"As a pharmacist, my patients rely on knowledge of ingredients when recommending skincare for sensitive skin. My advice is always less is more. With less ingredients, there is less chance of reactions. I have found that Skin By Dermalab/ Wash It Superfatted Bar Soap has less ingredients than both Cetaphil & Vanicream Bar Soaps. This is the best cleanser for everybody of every age with sensitive skin."

-Brent E.


"I am pregnant & I am breaking out with hormonal acne all over my face. I asked my dermatologist & she quickly told me to order Skin By Dermalab/ Wash It Cleansing Bar Soap. It is formulated with the fewest ingredients on the market & It uniquely addresses both of my OILY & SENSITIVE issues. I have been using it for a few months, and my skin is acne free and my belly keeps growing."

-Shay C.


"What I put on my skin is as important as what I put in my body. I have extremely
sensitive skin & an allergy to all fragrances. Before I make any decisions, I rely on facts through my own research. I never rely on influencers or hype. Skin by Dermalab/ Wash It Superfatted Bar Soap scored the highest score on SkinSAFE a grading system for sensitive skin in partnership with Mayo Clinic. Skin By Dermalab Wash It Superfatted Bar, Sensitive Skin, 4.5 oz/127 g Ingredients and Reviews (skinsafeproducts.com)

-Brynn J.